Outsourcing of blogging

Hi everyone
During my Easter vacation, I went through the very good book “The World is flat” by Thomas Friedman. Yes, yes, I know I should have read this book many years ago, but well, that just didn’t happen. One of the things he discussed in the book is off course about outsourcing, and what can be outsourced. He argues that almost everything can be outsourced. As I actually work in the outsourcing business, I thought I should give this a try. So I have now decided to try to outsource this blog! You might think that I have been crazy now, or maybe just lazy. Well, that’s not exactly the case, but it would be interesting to get input from some other people also. So this is your opportunity. Are you interested in writing a blog post at this site? There are a number of themes that I can be interested to get input from others, like:

– If you are an Indian living in Norway, maybe you can write something about that experience?
– Or if you are a foreigner like me in India. What is your experience of living here?
– The new budget for 2012 is just out. One of the main talking points here I think is the issue that foreign companies have to pay tax for business in India back to 1962! I might be a bit wrong here, and that this is just a suggestion. But if you know more about this, and have some thoughts about how it will affect the business in India, maybe you would like to write a small story about that?
– And off course it would be interesting to get someone else’s view of the ongoing IPL tournament. How good is it this year? What team will actually in it?

Please get in touch if you feel for writing something!

Talk to you soon


2 thoughts on “Outsourcing of blogging

  1. Hi Karsten,

    Coincidentally I am in the process of drafting a blog post on the economics behind IPL, views and counterviews, and its impact on the sport of cricket. I shall be glad to send you the content for review.

    Thanks and Regards


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