Making Mumbai green

Hi everyone

As some of you, or probably most of you know, Mumbai is a very big city. What maybe not all of you are aware of is that Mumbai is actually located at an island. This means that there are some very clear boundaries when it comes to growth of the city. And when I talk about growth, I surely don’t talk about growth in number of people, but growth in area. This means that Mumbai is one of the places in the world with highest density.

One consequence of this is that there are very few areas in Mumbai where you have “green lunges”, meaning parks and such things. When I lived in Oslo I used to take some afternoon walks along Frognerkilen. My flat is just outside the picture to the right and my boat used to be at the wharf you can see at the left part of the picture. Walking along the bay was then a really nice and relaxing experience. When I shifted, meaning moved, to Mumbai I didn’t have any areas where I could do this around me anymore. When I stayed in Sanharsh Nagar last year I tried once to take a walk in the area just outside my flat and it was not nice at all.

So when I came over this project, hosted by some of my best friends in Mumbai, I surely had to support it.

They plan to transform 5,000 sqft of unused rooftop into an exemplar urban farm and community space.  The Farm is located atop a low income, mixed-use building on the busiest street in Mumbai.  There is no source for organic produce or any green, open space in walking distance from the building.  We hope that by showing it is possible to grow food in a densely urbanized area with limited resources we will inspire others to start growing (some of) their own food in the underutilized spaces that surround them.

You can read more about this organization at their own home page.

Talk to you soon


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