Being a teacher

Hi everyone
The last two Saturdays have been quite interesting, or maybe I should say different, for me. I have been a teacher. No. Not kidding. I have worked as an English teacher for Sujaya Foundation. This was one of the most interesting experiences I have had in India!
Working with, and contributing to young kids, like I do with the Nanhi Kali program is off course very nice. But in this case, I worked with youths in the age of around 16-18, and the advantage with this is that it is much easier to get a good and clear feedback from them.
The program that Sujaya has is a summer school program, where students come in and work on their English skill. It last for a number of weeks, six days every week. Monday to Friday they work with new topics, and on Saturdays they try to get in volunteers to work with the students.

When I entered the school, the whole group of students worked together and had a session with another volunteer. After this session they got divided into four groups who worked with different volunteers from Capgemini. In my group there were 5 girls and 2 boys. First I got all of them to introduce themselves, and I also introduced myself to them. When the first informal introduction was over we started to work on some exercises. In one of the exercises we worked with different tenses. We used some simple phrases like “doing homework” and they should make sentences like “I did homework yesterday”, “I will do homework tomorrow” and so on. Initially they struggled quite a bit with this task, but they had very good progress, and it was very funny when the whole group kind of shouted out the sentences all at the same time! You can imagine how all the other groups looked at us and wondered if we had gone crazy! And seeing the smiles in their faces really made my day.
The Sujaya foundation was established in 2002 and works to provide education for the underprivileged. By helping them to get a better grips of English it will be possible for them to get jobs that they otherwise would have had no chance of getting.
Talk to you soon

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