Reaching target of sponsoring 20 Nanhi Kali’s

Hi Everyone

When I reached 10.000 hits on my blog, I promised to sponsor 1 Nanhi Kali with education for each 1000 hits up to 20.000. Late April, hit number 20.000 came up on the blog, so I have now increased the number of Nanhi Kalis I’m sponsoring to 20! Sponsoring a girl with education for one year is surely a nice thing to do. But to really help her out of poverty, and to be able to get a proper job, she has to be followed up for the whole duration of her education. So I have decided that I will do this, and sponsor these girls for up to 10 years! So for every 1000 click on the blog you will from now and onwards not sponsor one more girl but you will help to make sure that they will be able to continue their education. Thanks a lot to all of you for helping in this.

You might ask about what kind of girls it is that get this opportunity from Nanhi Kali and wonder a bit about their background and such. As a sponsor to Nanhi Kali, I do get regularly updates about the progress of the girls. But Nanhi Kali also has quite strict rules about what can be published and what cannot be published. So I do have to be careful about what I can say and not. The information has to be anonymized. Let me here try to tell you the story about two of the girls, in an anonymized way. I do like to give the girls some names, not just girl A and girl B. So maybe we should call them Katrina or Kareena. Or no, I will call them Priyanka and Deepika. And for those of you who follow Bollywood, you surely know from where I have got those names. So here we go.

Priyanka is nine years old. Her mother is 25 and an agriculture labor and her father is 28 and a farmer. Priyanka have 1 brother and one sister. The family’s yearly income is less than INR 7500, – per annum. Priyanka is a friendly and cheerful girl. She likes reading and singing. She attends school regularly and enjoys learning new things. Her favorite subject is Telugu. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Priyanka helps her mother in household chores. She usually keeps good health. As her family can’t provide her with enough food she has the midday meal at school regularly. This ensures a daily quota of basic nutrients. Priyanka have been provided with an educational support kit comprising two sets of uniforms, two sets of clothing a pair of shoes, five notebooks and stationary. This sponsorship has motivated her to continue with her studies.

Deepika will turn 9 years old this summer. She is the only child and both her parents are skilled workers. Her mother is 32 and her father is 36. Even this family has a yearly income of less than INR 7500, – per annum. Deepika has scored good marks and is working towards improving her performance. Her inclination towards studies is clearly evident by her academic performance. The Nanhi Kali sponsorship is an added incentive for her to continue schooling. She loves to paint and to play with bright colors. She has enthusiastically participated in several sports and academic competitions organized in her school. Deepika’s family live in a small house with no access to basic common facilities like toilets etc. They live in a rented house which consists of only one room where the entire family sustains.

So this is the story of two of the 20 girls that currently are getting the education paid for by you my readers! Most of the girls that I sponsor have a similar kind of background and a very similar story.

Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Reaching target of sponsoring 20 Nanhi Kali’s

  1. Thank you.The world needs such a soul. The kids gonna see the world is kind anyway. Be hit many times more. =)


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