Live cricket – Mumbai vs. Chennai

Hi Everyone

It’s a big day in Mumbai today. Cricket is back. Mumbai Indians play against Chennai Super Kings, and yes, we have tickets.

This is IPL or Indian Premier League, the biggest cricket league in the world. Actually it is called IPL 5, as it is the 5th season of IPL. Except that in India it is not called season but edition. It might sound more snobish? Or more like Bollywood? I don’t really know.

But this is surely a massive game! Mumbai have Sachin Tendulkar at their team and Chennai is lead by Indias captain MS Dhoni. And CSK have won the last two seasons, sorry, editions.

Most people here off course support the local team but I do support CSK. The reason for this is simple; when I started to follow IPL two years ago (3rd edition) I was supposed to move from Norway to Chennai. At that time I worked with two Indian colleagues who supported Mumbai and one who supported Dehli. So off course I had to support another team. CSK was at that time in the middle of the table. But they did very well to qualify for the play-off. And can u guess what team they beat, or rather trashed, in the final? Yeah. Easy guess. After that CSK went on to win even last season (4th ed). And like I tell my local friends; you can change you car and shift your home, but you can never change your team.

Go CSK! Will try to update the blog during the match.

Talk to you soon!


4 thoughts on “Live cricket – Mumbai vs. Chennai

  1. CSK rocks GO GO!!!!! I know wat u mean from d 1st IPL edition i have been supporting CSK so even if they win or lose its not possible to change teams

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  3. Hi, good to read your blog – and I see you like cricket. I’m moving from the French Alps to New Delhi soon and I sometimes joke – half seriously – that I’m going for three things: culture, cuisine – and cricket!

    Naturally, I support the Delhi Daredevils – although today the ‘Gayleforce’ has struck so the team needs to bat really well.

    I’ve started a blog on my move, do have a look. Bye and thanks for your friendly, informative blog.


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