Some nice customer service experience

Hi everyone

A few weeks back I wrote a post about the fantastic good service I got from Yesterday I had another, almost surealistic, good experience with a local vendor.

It al started on Monday. Everyday when I drive to the office I have to get a token which indicates that I can park at the Capgemini area. Most often a very simple task, but on Monday I realized that I was not able to close my window after having rolled it all the way down. Frustrating.

Do I called the sales person. Luckily I bought the car through a certified vendor. He told me to come over as quickly as possible. Due to some meetings I couldn’t go until the evening.

When I got there a nice guy who spoke decent English met me. I told him wha the problem was and he told me no problem we will this tomorrow. Usually when someone tell me that something should be done by tomorrow I get worried. But I didn’t have any options so I left the car there. He also asked if there were some other things he wanted me to get fixed. I asked him to get a new mirror, as one has been broke for a long time. He said ok. Off course he did.

Yesterday he called me up and told me the price and asked me if I still wanted the mirror fixed in addition to the window. The price was not at all alarming so I said yes to this.

The best thing was when I picked up the car. It was ready. The window worked. A new mirror was there. And they had even washed the car! It also turned out that I had misunderstood the price. I thought it was INR 1400 for the mirror, but it turned out to be INR 1412 totally!

I tried my best to give INR 1500 but he completely refused. When I got to the cashier to pay I again tried to give some extra for good service. Again they refused and gave me the correct change back. When we got out to the car I tried one last time but with no success. How is that possible? Maybe I should try the same with a police man also soon…

Talk to you soon



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