Kanheri Caves

Hi Everyone

Yesterday it was time for yet another “hash run” here in Mumbai. This time we did the run in the lovely Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I visited this park for the first time in February last year. That time with my brother and father. For some reason, even the press had got to know about the hash running this time. You can read the full story here.

But well, that’s actually just a distraction from the main topic of this article. Some of us decided to extend the run a bit, and we even visited the Kanheri Caves, which is far into the park. Totally there are 109 caves in the area. They are built from 1st century BCE to the 10th century CE. The caves are some kind of a Buddhist temple. The word Kanheri most likely originates from Sanskrit word Krishnagiri – where Krishna means “black”. This could be explained by the fact that caves were carved in a large outcrop of dark basalt in the forest of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The highest caves are located up to 460 m above the sea level and there opens a panoramic view over the forest and distant blocks of apartments in Mumbai. In fact these outskirts of Mumbai are rich with slums as well.

When we reached the caves on Sunday, it was already plenty of people there. It is possible to take a bus from the main gate, so quite a few people came there before us. We had off course been running/walking all the way from the gate. This made the whole area a bit crowded. If you have a chance, it is probably much better to visit the caves at a weekday, as there will be much fewer people there then. Here are some pictures from the cave.

Talk to you soon!



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