What is an “anti social activity”?

Hi everyone

Yesterday I noticed this sheet at the notice board in my hall. Any ideas about what all they talk about here???

Best suggestion will maybe get an award.

Will be back tomorrow with a more “social blog post”




6 thoughts on “What is an “anti social activity”?

  1. Anti-social activity is one of those funny Indian terms. Much like ‘cousin brother’ and ‘eve-teasing’. Well what can I say … ‘we are like this only’. Anti-social can be a euphemism for anything criminal. Being drunk and bothersome is anti-social, and so is stealing, killing, harassing someone, catcalling, etc. Trouble is that anti-social is a highly flexible term. So anyone can make any non-specific threats if they use this term. If those who put up this notice really had the balls to initiate legal action, they would have listed specific offenses. Perhaps they are referring to are a range of activities, but have no idea who did it? Including, but not restricted to … writing ‘Sonu loves Minu’ in the elevator with a razor blade, littering corridors, getting drunk and lying in your own vomit, playing music too loudly, sending flowers to the neighbor’s wife (anonymously), or writing something funny about the authorized signatory of Ekta Supreme Housing.

  2. Hi Karsten, ‘Anti-social activity’ is defined here in India as any activity which doesn’t fit into the moral beliefs of that particular individual or source which puts such things on the notice board

  3. Anti social —> funnily enough, anything that is actually **too** social. Such as parties, drinking, loud music, dressing in revealing clothing, liaisons with the opposite sex etc.

    Loved the notice, by the way, it gave me a good laugh. Notice boards in apartment complexes in India really are an awesome source of entertainment. 🙂

  4. I wonder how playing loud music during festivals, bursting fire crackers on streets and car parkings during Diwali not “anti social” too.


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