Driving in Pune

Hi everyone

This weekend I have been in Pune. There are surely a lot that can be said about the traffic in Mumbai. But Pune is 10 times worse! I don’t really know how to describe it.

First of all Pune is a bit more like in the countryside. It is a lot greener than in Mumbai. So it is quite common to get stuck in a bunch of cows.

Pune is also a city with a lot of students and less money than in Mumbai. So there are a lot more two wheelers there. Yesterday we noticed a two wheeler that had just crashed into a cart being dragged by a bull! And off course the tempo ar the picture below. What more can you say?

Pune is also the place where it is very common to drive against the traffic. This is maybe due to the huge number of two wheelers. They can get around everywhere. My friends live in a new area. I don’t think that the road to there or at least the junction, is fully completed. To get to their place you have to cross the road and then drive like 100 meters against the traffic. Ok. It is maybe only 50 meters but it feels a lot longer. First time I did it it was surely quite scary. Now I more kind of giggle everytime I go there. It has been such a natural thing to do.

The rainy season is on here now. On my way home there were some enormous rainfall! It was a really scary drive! Some cars went without lights. One stupid car stopped in a tunnel because some guy had to pee. Fine. I understand that he wanted to do it in a dry tunnel but come on! They could at least have stoppes with their lights on! In total I ovserved abot 5 accidents or so I think.

Talks to you soon!


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