How expensive is Norway?

Hi Everyone

For a bit more than a week I have been in Norway now. And yes, I have to admit that it is quite nice to be back with family and friends. And also to breath in the clear air here. And yes. We do have sun almost 24 hours a day. Right now it is almost 10 pm in the evening, and the sun is still on. But well, I also have to admit that there is something in Mumbai that I very much miss.

While in Mumbai I got quite used to people complaining about how expensive everything is there. So I thought that I should take you through what things costs in an average day here in Norway. First of all we need to get the exchange rate in order. According to the rate a few days back 1 NOK is 9.32 INR. This means that if something costs let say 30 NOK, the price in INR would be about 280 INR.

One of the first things I had to do when I came back to Oslo was to buy a ticket for the buss. As I don’t know if I have to go back to Mumbai soon, I bought a 7 day ticket. This allows me to go on any public transport for an unlimited number of times for the next 7 days. The ticket cost me NOK 200 or something like INR 2051. If I don’t remember wrong, I could take the train from Vikhroli to CST for 8 rupee. So if I take the train 256 times in 7 days, which should be about 36 times a day, the price would be almost the same. If my math is correct. Each trip from Vikhroli to CST takes about 40 minutes or so. So that mean that I have to do this almost 24/7, or maybe even more in order to pay the same… And I don’t even know what a monthly or weekly ticket costs.

Every morning I have started the day with a simple breakfast (a baguette and a juice) at one of the small restaurants close to the bus station. It costs me 150 NOK. Last evening in Mumbai we had a fantastic dinner at an Italian restaurant in Powai. And the ticket, including tip, was about 1500 rupee.

But this is just the start. This evening I had to go to the hairdresser here in Oslo. They charged me 440 NOK! At my local valla close to Lake Homes I paid 30 rupee! This means that if the exchange rate had been one-to-one, it would have been about 11 times more expensive in Norway! But with an exchange rate of more than 9. Well. You can do the math.

Beer is something that most Mumbaikars complain about how expensive is. I must admit that I don’t have the latest beer bill from Mumbai around here. But the price at some ok place in Oslo is about 660 rupees. And that for a 0.4 bottle.

One thing that is quite strange, or something like that, is that in Norway we hardly use any cash. So you kind of don’t really see how much everything costs you. After more than a week I haven’t been at the ATM a single time! And when you buy something at almost any shop, you can also withdraw money there.


The view from the balcony is still free. Oslo at 10 pm is quite nice.

Hopefully I will follow up this with some other differences between Indian and Norway.
Talk to you soon!


2 thoughts on “How expensive is Norway?

  1. Karsten … think u need to compare standard of living from salary to buying a house to interest rates vehicle cost etc … and then this would probably be relevant … like reading your posts as always keep posting …


  2. Dear Karsten, have been reading all your stories about Mumbai. Very interesting indeed! I am a Delhi girl! Born and brought up in Delhi and Mumbai is as much of an outside experience to me as it is to you from Norway!

    Keep writing!

    regards, manu


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