Differences between Oslo and Mumbai

Hi Everyone

Just a very quick one today. For the last two summers, I have been in Mumbai. There we have the weather phenomena called monsoon. Which, if you ask a Norwegian, just mean a too enormous amount of rain. Or maybe I should say water. Because it does not only come from above. It is all around you. At the streets. In your shoes (if you’re stupid enough to use a shoe). In your home. At the railroad tracks. Everywhere. For some reason, my Indian friends say that the rainy season is the best season of the year. Well. That’s their way of saying it.

As sometimes pictures say more than words, I show one picture from Mumbai and one from Oslo. As I’m not in Mumbai that picture is taken from a newspaper there. But the picture from Oslo is surely taken by me. Today. This is how it looks outside my office.

Talk to you soon!



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