Mumbai monsoon, season 3

Hi everyone

Yes I know. It has been a long time since I updated the blog now. But I have been in Norway during that time and it’s not that easy to write about things in India when in Norway. Now I’m back in Mumbai for a short trip.

As you might know, it is the middle of the rainy season here in Mumbai right now. This is the 3rd summer in a row that I experiemce the rain here, hence the title of the blog post. If it had been about cricket I would off course said “edition 3” and not season 3, but well, that’s just a cricket term…

So what is the rainy season all about? The first thing I noticed when I landed was that the air didn’t smell as bad as it usually does. It is also for sure a lot more green around. The rain haven’t been really that heavy. But we have for sure had some showers that have been really heavy! And with a lot of wind in addition it has been quite noisy sometimes.

When I came home on Monday I noticed that it was water at the floor. And I live at the 21st floor! It seems like it is a leakage in the balcony door. Not that huge, but enough to make me have to remove a few bucketd of water. That surely make me reflect a bit. If there is a leakage like this in my building, which is a quite new one, how will it then be in older buildings?

Hopefully I don’t have to find out…

Talk to you soon



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