License to drink

Hi Everyone

Sure, sure. I know. It has been a long time since I wrote anything at this blog. An the excuse? Well, as always, I don’t think I really have any excuse.

Or, can drinking be a valid excuse? I mean, not just random drinking, but actual legal drinking. Jokes aside. Things have changed a bit in Mumbai this summer. In order to drink legaly you now need to have a liquor permit. And no, I don’t talk about the place where you drink. EVERYONE who drinks alcohol need such a permit.

Why this you might very well ask? As most things in India, there are surely at least two sides of the coin. Let’s start by the legal one. According to the Bombay Prohibition Act of 1949, such a permit is required. This is a rule that, like so many other rules in India, was inplemented by the British. But funny enough, this law is no longer in existence in UK. And noone have cared about it here in Mumbai for close to 50 years!

The second reason for the strict implementation of this rule is according to the police the moral. If I’m right, it all started when the police broke up a rave party in Juhu during the IPL. According to rumors, which I’m not in any position to confirm or not, they found a lot of drugs there. After this the police decided to implement this stricter rules against parties. Some people might say that this is good, as the party scene here has taken over the city. But I think most people comoletely disagree with this. Some people even talk about Talibanisation by the police…

So, if you want to drink, what do you do? Most pubs and bars help you. They just give you a drinking permit when you arrive! It is valid for that one day. Who earn money for issuing these permits? I have no idea and my guesses would be just as good as anyones guess. But that “someone” earn here I’m quite sure about…

Talk to you soon!



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