Differences between Mumbai and Oslo – Traffic

Hi Everyone

It’s been a short while since I wrote anything here now. And it has also been some time since I actually moved back to Oslo. Still think I’m in the mood of trying to find the real me. But slowly, slowly, day by day, I start to find the “real me” here. I do remember an American blogger who said that it was only after she stopped using the term “India” in every second sentence that she really could feel she was home. So continuing writing a blog about India is maybe not the right thing to do if you like to feel Norwegian or what?

But well, the topic still interests me. And I still enjoy observing the differences between life here in Norway and life back in India. One big difference is off course the traffic. I remember after having been in Mumbai for just about a month we had some visitors from Oman. I asked one of them, quite politely actually, if the traffic in Oman is something similar to what we could see in Mumbai. The answer was then quickly: “No. Oman is a working country”. Well. I maybe shouldn’t say that India is not working, as that will offend my friends there. But to say that it works a bit different than in Norway I think is fair to say. One of the things that are very different is surely the traffic! Now I have maybe been used to the traffic in Mumbai, but still.



Right now I take the train to office every day. In Mumbai off course I used to drive. One of my colleagues took this one picture about the streets of Mumbai, while I took the picture of the train in Norway. Can you spot the difference? Well, I guess you can. In Mumbai there is almost always a lot of traffic everywhere. In Oslo at the other hand, the trains are almost empty. It has been really strange to see it like this. Before I moved to Mumbai I do remember the trains of being at least to some extend full. What has happened? I hear other people complaining about crowded trains and a lot of traffic even here. But I just don’t see anything of it. Maybe it is just me who have been so used to the traffic in Mumbai that everything feel so empty here…

Talk to you soon!



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