A click for a better world

Hi Everyone

Today, the 11th of October is known as the International Girl Child Day. I think it is outside the topic for this very blog to write about inequalities between boys and girls in general. But at the same time, I think it is fair to say that there is a huge difference. And India is probably one of the countries where this difference is very visible.

In a number of blog posts I have written about my support for Nanhi Kali and to help underprivileged girl children in India to get their education. I said that for every 1000 click on this blog I will pay for one school year. This for up to 20 girls! Now it is time to renew the sponsorships and to make sure that these children will remain in school for at least one more year. If you can share information about this blog to your friends, family and colleagues, we can together reach 30.000 hits quite soon, and make sure that the sponsorship continues. So please tweet about it, post a link to the blog on your Facebook wall and share the information in any other way that you can do.

Thanks a lot!

Talk to you soon!


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