A typical Norwegian autumn day

Hi Everyone

When I used to live in Mumbai quite a lot of people asked me what I missed the most from Norway and also if isn’t always quite cold there.

Today I think it is one of those days that I typically missed when I was in Mumbai. The autumn has started and I can see the leafs falling down from the trees in my backyard. I’m writing this post sitting in my kitchen and looking out of the backyard. The picture below was taken around 9 am this morning. It is very quiet here. Well. Almost. The only disturbance is the neighbor playing on his piano.

If you compare the picture to the one I took from almost the same place only a few weeks back you can see a very clear difference.

This all has happened in about 8 weeks or so. And up in the mountains it has already come some snow. This is probably what I missed with Norway! The fact that we have four different seasons. The nice green summer. The autumn when everything goes from green to yellow, brown, red and all the nice colors of today. And then the winter where everything is white. And finally we will get the spring, where the nature again changes from white to green. And the temperature off course changes a lot during those four seasons. This morning it was about 8 degrees Celsius and it will probably not be much warmer during the day. There is clearly rain in the air, as it should be during autumn. But not the completely crazy rain that we have in the monsoon season in Mumbai.

Mumbai seasons I think is quite different. Some people might get a bit offended here, but to me it is mostly only two season; dry and wet. Ok. Someone might say that there is even winter in Mumbai. And yes I remember 1 (one) day when the girls were shivering a bit in their small dresses outside a bar. But that was like 4 o’clock in the morning and next to the sea at Worli where the sea breeze came in. And it was one day. And one day is not like any season to me. Not even winter.

Back in India there is an important match today. I got to remember that when I in my almost sleepy condition this morning was about to put on a blue t-shirt. Luckily I realized that that was all wrong. Today it is the T20 Champions League match between Chennai and Mumbai. And ok. The match is actually being played in South Africa, and not in India, but it is still a huge match for the two Indian teams. Last time those two teams played, I was at the stadium. It turned out to be a stupid match for CSK. Today it is time for revenge. So come on you yellow! Whistle podu with pride and go on and win this match!

Talk to you soon!



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