Who are my readers?

Hi Everyone

Most probably all bloggers are interested to get as many hits as possible. And I guess all the same people are also interested to know who is it that actually read their blog. If you have access to tools like Google analytics or such, I know that you can do a lot of advanced analyses on your blog. As I run my blog through WordPress, I don’t have these tools available, at least not as far as I know. But some interesting stat is still possible to get. The map below shows from what countries my readers come from. Before I started to write the blog I had a discussion with my dad (he still advices me in many areas) regarding what I should write about and what language to use. My initial plan was that this should be a blog mostly for my family and friends. Because I have friends who not speak Norwegian we agreed that English should be the language.

As you can see from the picture below, most of my readers are actually from India. Only second most are from Norway. Maybe not surprising given that I write about India, in English. But it was surely not my intention that I should have most readers from India. So the question is should I change language or do anything else to get to increase the number of Norwegian readers? Or should I just accept the fact that most of my readers are from India?

Another interesting feature at WordPress.com is that I can see what searches that have been the most popular in order to reach my blog. The top five phrases are: “mumbai local train map” , “matheran”, “powai lake crocodile”, “crocodile in powai lake” and “Mumbai train map”. Quite funny I think. Is this a sign that the Indian railway should to more to promote their web site with information about a train map? Or should I write more about the crocodiles in Powai lake? Not really sure…

And one final thing; Are there anyone who can please share my blog with at least one person in China, Mongolia and Greenland? Unless WordPress is completely banned in China, it is quite disturbing that this area is all blank 🙂

Talk to you soon!



One thought on “Who are my readers?

  1. You and I seem to be in the same boat. I have had some readers from China (but only VERY few), but none (if I remember correctly) from Mongolia. I have had many from Australia, but none from New Zealand, none from Mexico, and virtually none from all of Africa.
    Do not worry about Greenland. The population is only about 57,000 people so the number of people there who go to the ENORMOUSLY popular websites of wikipedia, amazon, ebay and others is also very small.


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