Hi Everyone

Writing about weather these days sound a bit like mainstream doesn’t it? As you can see from the picture below, winter has just started in Norway.

As always when the first snow comes, it turns into a disaster at the streets. In Norway it is common to change tires between summer and winter. The tires you use in winter are much better suited to snow and ice. For some reason, every year there are some stupid people who not change until AFTER the first snowfall. Not sure, but I wouldn’t be that surprised if it is the same people every year.

And if you say the word Sandy, most people will probably know what you talk about. Right? New York has been hit by what CNN call a superstorm. And off course it has caused a lot of damage over there.

What about Nilam then? When I search for Nilam at Norwegian newspaper sites, I found some information about a company called Nilam and a river in Pakistan with the same name. Not even Wikipedia have any information about it.

But well, Nilam is a tropical cyclone that just has hit the shores of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Ok. Fine. I know that is has gone from the predictions of 110 kmph to “only” 65-75, but still it is massive wind. The cyclone has claimed at least 4 lives so far and with another 6 people missing. And a huge oil tanker has ended up onshore at the beach in lovely Chennai.

If some more news about the cyclone came my way, I will make sure to update you all on the latest about this cyclone.

Talk to you soon!



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