Cricket in Norway

Hi Everyone

Quite a few times I have been asked how it can be for a Norwegian to actually be interested in cricket. For me it has been quite simple. I’m interested in sport in general, and when living in India, cricket is off course the main sport you have to follow.

But what about cricket in Norway you might ask? Well, honestly, it is not that big. The conditions for cricket are not the best in Norway for sure. I think that cricketers are a bit, what should I say, not really that tough guys, or something like that. I mean, come on. A sport that can hardly be played if it’s drizzling just a little bit and where half of the competitors sit at a bench most of the time, it’s not really a sport for hard men is it? So I can understand that cricket players find it difficult to play when it is snow and ice and like -10 degrees in Norway.

But it is surely picking up. I read in a Norwegian newspaper the other day that it is now the 17th most popular game in Oslo! That in number of participants. And that put it above sports like ice hockey and badminton. It is also the sport that increases its popularity the most among immigrants. The main challenge the sport faces in Oslo, and probably other places, is that there are not many places where there are proper cricket fields. There are 42 teams in Oslo that have to share 2 fields! Off course that make it difficult to grow the popularity of the sport.

Today there are three divisions in the Norwegian cricket league; all teams are from the Oslo area. There is also a league for juniors, and it seems to be one for girls. However; I could only find one girl team listed. Part of the season is also played indoor.

I tried to find some information about how Norway is doing in the international ranking but couldn’t find any information at the International Cricket Council homepage. If you have any knowledge about it, please do let me know.

Here you can see the final from this year’s Norwegian T20 championship

Talk to you soon!



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