Some crazy trip for Indian weddings

Hi Everyone

So tomorrow it is time to go back to India again. No. I’m not moving (shifting) back to there. This time it is only for a short visit. But it is a very important visit. In 6 days I will attend 2 weddings in two different states with a total of 4 different wedding ceremonies. As some of you might know, in India it is common to have more than one ceremony for each wedding. In both cases there will be one typical wedding ceremony and there will be one of what is called a reception.

And to make the tour even better, it will be weddings in two different religions! On Thursday it will be the wedding reception for a Parsee colleague of mine. Honestly, I don’t know too much about what will happen there, but surely look forward to that. Then on Saturday they are having their formal wedding ceremony in a church in downtown Mumbai. Given that they are Parsees and that this is a comparable small society in India, I do expect a huge number of the Parsees in Mumbai to be there. It should be a lot of fun.

Then early Sunday morning it is off to Kolkata. This is a place I have never visited before, so that in itself is a reason to go there. But it is also even another wedding that take place there. This time it is a more traditional Hindu wedding. The groom is a colleague of a friend of mine, and I have got the invitation through them. They are also going to have a wedding reception. This will happen at his hometown which is the city Durgapur, just outside Kolkata.

With all these parties going on, I’m absolutely not sure if I will be able to update the blog in between. Will do my best, but no promises. Off course I will put up a number of posts when I’m done with the trip.

Talk to you soon!


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