Four weddings and two funerals

Hi Everyone

Now I’m just back in Norway after what was a fantastic but also extremely busy week in India. Before I went there I knew that I would take part in four different wedding ceremonies in a few days. I joked with some friends that it would be like taking part in the movie Four weddings and a Funeral. Little did I know that I became closer to doing exactly that than what I thought.

First of all I have to apologize to those of you who have made some comments on my blog during my time in India. It has just been impossible for me to answer those comments when I was in India. Very sorry for that.

During eight days, there has been so many things that happened, and some of these will surely also require their own blog posts.

I landed in Mumbai like 2 am Thursday morning last week. After a very few hours of sleep it was up to join my Parsee friend engagement ceremony. Later that evening we got some rumors that the politician Bal Thackeray had passed away. He had been ill for some time, and rumors said that he had even been dead for a couple of days. So we decided to not travel to far away and do too much of things. And honestly, I was too exhausted after the long trip and short sleep.

Friday was basically spent buying clothes for the wedding the day after and prepare for that one. I have no idea about how many saree shops I went to that day. Saturday was then the big day of my friend’s wedding. A separate blog post about a Parsee wedding will surely come soon. We stayed in North of Mumbai and the wedding was almost at the southernmost tip. When we got close to the place we could see more and more police and also a number of shops that got closed. Honestly I didn’t know exactly what had happened, but we later got confirmed that the politician actually had died that evening. Most of Mumbai closed down, so we were actually quite fortunate to be inside the wedding area when everything got closed. And the wedding itself was just amazing! Before I went to India this time, I had never been to any wedding there before, so I didn’t knew exactly what to expect. Pictures and more from the wedding will come shortly.

On our way home, Mumbai was almost deserted. We had a driver with us. But we also realized that there were no autos on the street, so he wouldn’t manage to get home after having dropped us. Due to this we decided to drop the driver first and I then drove the last part myself.

Sunday morning Mumbai was still at a completely standstill. Luckily I have friends there now, so one of them dropped me to the airport. Sunday evening it was then time for the second wedding. This time in Kolkata. Again, I think this requires a separate blog post, but I can tell you that it was completely different from the wedding in Mumbai the day before. The first ceremony was at a guest house close to the home of the bride. Her whole family and all the neighbors were surely there. Monday it was a day of, and we did some sightseeing in Kolkata. I wrote a blog post about Kolkata before I went to India. The city was quite nice, and I guess I should give an update about Kolkata also.

Tuesday it was again time for a wedding ceremony. This time we drove to Durgapur, which is the hometown of the groom. After a few hours’ drive we were there and were very well welcomed by all his family. Another ceremony followed there with a lot of fun.

Wednesday was travel day. Back to Mumbai. On the airport I could see news that the only surviving terrorist from the attack in 2008 was executed that same day. That’s why I called this article Four weddings and two funerals. Off course I didn’t really attended any funeral, but well, I thought it was a nice title, and it kind of described my trip quite well.

Thursday it was time for some sightseeing in Mumbai with some friends from Japan, before I finally went back home to Norway.

For sure there will be a number of posts coming up in the next few days where I will detail some of the events more. Please stay tuned.

Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Four weddings and two funerals

  1. You didn’t get a haircut? Kidding! Shouldn’t you had a headgear also? :-). I think a pic at the wedding ceremony would be much better. 🙂


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