Mumbai four years after

Hi Everyone

Today it is four years since the horrible terror attack on Mumbai. This is something that off course has not gone unnoticed in the city. The newspapers are of course full of stories about this today. Cricketers’ and others tweet about it. The picture I have used is “stolen” from a tweet made by Suresh Raina.

Two years ago I made this reflection of the attack. At that time I said that the only surviving terrorist was still on a trail. As I mentioned in my blog post about Four weddings and two funerals last week, he got executed on Wednesday. Will this be the end of the story? Sadly, I don’t think so. Off course I hope I’m wrong, but the tension between India and Pakistan is still quite tense. And where do we have all the evidences that the terrorist is actually executed? No, I’m not even suggesting that this is not the case, just putting up the question. Guess many of you remember all the speculations that went on when Obama declared that Bin Laden was dead.

Less than a week ago I was a tourist in Mumbai with some Japanese friends. We took the train to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, or VT or CST as most people say. From there we went to observe the fabulous Taj hotel at Colaba. Lunch was at Leopold restaurant. Three of the places that was attacked four years ago. Luckily this time there was absolutely no sight of any terrorists or such. Leopold was just full of peaceful English cricket supports who are in Mumbai to watch the test match between India and England.

Let us all hope that in the future Mumbai will be filled with peace (and maybe even cricket) loving people and not terrorists!

Talk to you soon!



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