Norwegian footballer to play for India?

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Today the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet published a story in Norwegian about the young Norwegian footballer Harmeet Singh. He’s born and brought up in Norway, but with Indian parents. As a youth player he has played more than 80 matches for the Norwegian team at different levels. Now he said that he’s open to play at the top level for India! This he said initially in this interview with the Norwegian TV-channel Canal +.

Harmeet Singh

So will Harmeet Singh be the first real Indian football star? In a country that is so much dedicated to cricket it is for sure easier to be a good football player abroad. Maybe the Indian football association should look more for talents abroad of Indian heritage. I discussed this topic with a friend of mine here in Norway a few days back. According to Wikipedia the Gujarati name Patel is the third most common name in the Greater London area. But how many footballers with a sir name of Patel do you know about? Probably no one (there is currently at the English cricket team).

Can Harmeet Singh actually switch country and play for India? According to the official Norwegian football statistics, he has not played any matches for the Norwegian first team. But he certainly has played in one friendly match. I don’t know the rules that well, but would guess that he still can change team. As an Arsenal supporter I’m off course aware of the Carl Jenkinson situation, where this Finnish player changed and now plays for England.

It will be interesting to follow Singh’s career, no matter if it will be for Norway or for India.

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2 thoughts on “Norwegian footballer to play for India?

    • According to the Norwegian article he has played in three friendly matches. Again according to the same article, this does not prevent him from changing team to play for. When I looked at the Norwegian Football Association home page he has no matches. Maybe someone else can confirm this?


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