A new Norwegian blogger in Mumbai

Hi Everyone

For a long time I was the only Norwegian blogging from Mumbai. Or well, at least I thought I was the only one. Ok Hege, you also did some blogging in Mumbai, but I guess you agree with me that you never did that many blog posts. I even got recognized at restaurants in Powai as the Norwegian blogger. But well, that era seems to be over now. Eli launched her blog last month. I must admit that I noticed it on Facebook only today, and when I noticed even one more blog post from her today I got very impressed! If she plans to write two posts a day, this will surely be a very popular blog soon! Luckily I found out that she had made “only” one post every day for the last few days.

When I was at my crazy trip to four wedding parties and two funerals in India a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to visit Eli and her husband. She had a lot of interesting stories to tell from India, and I very much look forward to continue read about her adventures there.


Hope it is ok that I grabbed your pepperkaker picture Eli! I still have my pepperkakeformer at a friend’s place in Powai, but it seems like you have already made sure you have this essential Norwegian items.

Talk to you soon!



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