More about the rape case in Delhi + some changes on the blog

Hi Everyone

So far I have written only blog post about the rape/murder case in Delhi. It seems to be a lot about this case all over the world right now. So I have tried to keep away from writing too much about it. As I don’t currently live in India, I don’t really have the firsthand insight into all the details happening there. Off course I do get a lot of information from friends there, but it is not the same as if I had been there myself and been able to see it all.

It’s also a bit difficult being a foreigner and write about a topic like this. I found this write up over at White Indian Housewife the other day, and I think it sums it up well. Most probably I will write more about this case later, so please do stay tuned.

I have also done a few changes at the main page of the blog. During 2012 I experienced that most people reached my blog to searches and not from my Facebook or Twitter pages. I would guess that this is also the case for other popular blogs. Over the year I have also come across a number of interesting blogs in Mumbai. Due to this, I have now added a list of other blogs on my front page.  If you know about any Mumbai blog that should have been on the list but is not, please do let me know.

Some minor graphical changes are also done.

Talk to you soon!



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