Bicycle brings smile – an initiative by Sava Sahayog

Hi Everyone

Contributing to the society in India is not that easy when I currently live in Norway. But at least I can use my blog to spread information about some fantastic initiatives when it occurs. And this is truly one to share.

This is an initiative by a NGO called Sava Sahayog. They donate bicycles to children who have more than 5 kilometers to school in the area of Karjat. By coincidence this was the place where I first ever took part in the Bombay Hash, so I know how remote the area is. The NGO have identified 150 + kids in villages in the area who are in need for bicycles. The NGO will pick up the bike at your doorstep, transport it to Karjat, repair it if required and donate it to kids on the 26th of January.

How can you help? Donate a bicycle, Old or new, contribute in form of money, simply display the attached press release & banner on notice boards in society you live in or join this initiative.

Bicycle Poster (Now you can)

Hindustan Times Press Release - 5th Jan 2013

Seva Sahayog is a non-profit organization working towards bridging the gap between donors and seekers. In 2012, Seva Sahayog has facilitated donation of over 35,000 Educational Aids in Pune and Mumbai region. Over 100 corporate, 1000+ volunteers have participated and over children in 120 NGOs have benefited from this unique initiative

If you have any questions, please do reach out to my colleague Vivek Ganoo (vivek.ganoo at

Talk to you soon!


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