The most Norwegian of all Norwegian traditions

Hi Everyone

For more than two years now, I have been writing about India and Indian culture and how well I have adapted</> to that. At least according to my own understanding.

Now that I’m well back in Norway, I have to try to behave as a Norwegian again. So far I think I have done quite well and yesterday it was time to get back to the best thing any Norwegian can do; skiing!


I woke up pretty early in the morning, before the sun came up, checked that it was like -12 outside my place, and went to the train. The train took me to some hill in the outskirt of Oslo. Over the last few weeks there have come some snow here, which is really nice. As you can see from the picture, all trees are covered with some snow, or honestly, I think it is more like ice, as there is not that much snow here. But it is enough for some nice skiing for sure. It was quite cold when I started but got a little bit warmer when I went on. Like most Norwegians do on a Saturday, I skied to one of the nice cabins that we have in the forest.


For those of you who are not used to Norwegians and our skiing behavior, I’ll try to describe something special for us. Or well, not special for Norwegians, but special for skiers. As you can see from the thermometer, there is some color code.


This code indicates how you should wax your skies. The whole concept of ski waxing is a science, and Norwegians are kind of obsessed with that. As you can see, there are some color codes that we use. Green for very cold (and yes the thermometer shows -17 I think), blue for a bit warmer, then violet, red and orange. If life had been just that simple. There are different waxes for new snow and old snow. And for soft snow and hard snow. And there are overlaps between what waxes that can be   used for different conditions. At the picture below you can see some of the different waxes I could consider (and no, I didn’t even considered the red one). Those who are really serious about this will bring a full suitcase with different waxes just for a training trip.


So all Bombay hashers this is my excuse for not having participated in the runs lately. And I can promise you that this was very much colder than the usual ice!

The other main news for today is that it was time for Mumbai marathon again. Due to my skiing I could off course not participate. I know there are a lot of my friends who have done that, and hats off to all of you!

Talk to you soon!


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