Music played on trash

Hi Everyone

I know. I know. This article does not actually have anything to do with Mumbai, not even with India. But when a friend of me shared this video with me on Facebook, I just decided that this is something I had to share.

Landfill Harmonic

Seeing this really touched something in me. So I just thought; would it be possible to do some of the same in India, maybe even in Mumbai? I absolutely think it should be possible to make instruments like this somewhere in Dharavi. Concerts can be at Dhavari, Juhu Beach, CST and maybe finish up with a giant show at Blue Frog?

You can read more about this movie at Landfill harmonic Facebook page, or at their home page.

And then the big question is; is there anyone in Mumbai who are ready to join in making this happen?


2 thoughts on “Music played on trash

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I already find it interesting.In the new future I may have to go to Oslo for work.I read your comparisons between Mumbai and Oslo and also the difference between work cultures.It’s really interesting!!!!


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