Supporting a football tournament

Hi Everyone

Quite some time back I wrote about a football tournament project in which I sponsored. The project is now going on well, and here is some update from it:

There are some good news and some bad news. We start with the bad news: for one entire month the Yuwa Dharavi Girls Football Program had to take a break because we had a shortfall of coaches. The initial coaches Anand and Hiralal as well as the assistant coaches had to go back to Jharkhand. Reality Gives found it very difficult to find new skilled coaches who will accept the commitment to daily training sessions.

But now with the help of another great NGO, the Oscar foundation we have found a new coach and the training has started on the 14th of January for the 20 regular participants. The goal for the next months is the first match against another team and to recruit more girls. With the commitment and enthusiasm of the girls and the new coach we are very positive to report you better results in the next report.

Saturday, the 12th January the girls even performed a second time in front of a even bigger audience at the TedXMasala event in Powai. The team of Reality Gives and Yuwa is very proud of the smart and talented girls and how they handled the big crowd observing them.

But now it’s time to get back to football as the girls are already very excited to play again. A number of volunteers also participated in the Mumbai Marathon on the 20th of January. Before that the whole team had a training session for all runners of the “Dharavi Dream Run Team”. Find out more on our website: To see photos of the event itself please stay tuned on Facebook.

Empower Girls through football in a slum in India, a project on Hope you get inspired by this and would like to join as a contributor!

Talk to you soon


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