Innovation the Indian way

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A few years ago, India was said to have the most innovative IT-business in the world. Companies like TCS, Infosys and Wipro changed the landscape in the global IT-sector. But this is now quite a few years ago. These companies are now well established and maybe not seen as the most innovative IT-companies in the world anymore. I remember reading an article in an Indian magazine last year. Here Flipkart was mentioned as a very innovative IT-company. I very much like Flipkart, but hardly think about it as any really innovative company. To me it is “just” like an Indian version of Amazon.

So is there any innovation in India today? I challenged my Indian colleagues about this question. One of them then came up with this speech of Professor Nirmalya Kumar.

Indian innovation

The full presentation is available here.

The main point in his speech, if I understood him correct is that there is a lot of innovation going on in India today. It is just that a lot of that innovation happen in the names of global, often American, companies. This means that the innovation that happen in India maybe doesn’t got the recognition that it deserves. Hopefully when people see this speech they will understand that India is a country full of innovation and that it got the credit it deserves.

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