Be a Gunner be a Runner. Skiing for Arsenal and a better world!

Hi Everyone

Like most Norwegian kids, I grew up being quite interested in football. When I got a mug with the logo of Arsenal Football Club at the age of around 6, I was “doomed” to support that club. So most of the youth I dreamed about playing for Arsenal, scoring for Arsenal, tackling for Arsenal, and so on. But sadly, I have never been really good in football and have never been picked to play for Arsenal. Not until today. Today I have skied for Arsenal!

Kidding you might say? Not really. Next month Arsenal foundation will host their annual charity event called “Be a Gunner. Be a Runner”. People are encouraged to sign up and run 6.4 kilometers around the Emirates stadium. And even better, this year they invited people who are not in London to run! Everybody can run a route of 6.4 kilometers and submit that information to Arsenal Foundation, and they will then be registered as taking part of the event. As you can see from the chart below, I completed 19.25 kilometers today, so I should be well above the minimum requirement.


The only slight issue is off course that Norway is currently full of snow, so I had to do this skiing rather than running. So when I skied today I was wearing my Arsenal jersey and the cap with a name of the former Arsenal left back Silvinho. Anyone remember him? The Brazilian left back who could score, tackle, head, intercept, pas a ball. Simply that Brazilian who played like a Brazilian. Ahhh, those Highbury days & Highbury highs. Why can’t Brazilian left backs today do the same?


Why am I writing this on a blog about being a Norwegian in India you might ask? Well, fundraising is a global activity, and I’m quite proud of having sponsored a number of initiatives in India. Some of you have probably read about my contributions to Nanhi Kali, the Indian NGO that works with education for underprivileged girl children. Arsenal foundation also works in improving education for children. In China, 15.000 children attending some of Beijing’s most disadvantaged schools will benefit from a £300,000 donation over three years to Save the Children, aimed at improving their quality of their education.

My next target; to get Arsenal Foundation & Nanhi Kali to work together for improving education (and maybe even football) in India!

If you are not able to do any running, you can still donate to Arsenal foundation. is used as a source for this article

Talk to you soon


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