The 4 C’s of India

Hi Everyone

Before I moved to India some years back, I discussed with an Indian friend and colleague what was needed in order to have a good time in India. He said it very simple; you only need to know about the 4 C’s! 4 C’s you might ask? Ok, I agree, it can be many things, but here is his list of what is needed to know about in order to survive in India:

Chai – When I wrote my A to Z of India around New Year, I had to use C for Chai. Chai is basically a Hindi word for tea. But I think most Norwegians think about the special masala chai when the word chai is mentioned. Everyone in India seems to like it. It is said that the whole India runs on chai!

Cinema – For sure! The movie stars in India are big or huge as they say in India! Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and the others are maybe the biggest stars in India. Not so strange that the phrase Bollywood struggler is so famous. There are literally thousands of people coming to Mumbai every day in hope of getting just a small role in the film industry. A few of them actually manages to do it, but most of them always end up as strugglers.

Cricket – Not really sure if cricket players are bigger stars than actors and actresses, but they are surely also huge! Sachin Tendulkar is still called the God of cricket. There have been a lot of blog posts here about IPL, and that tournament have made cricket even more popular then it was before, if possible.

Cash – Maybe a strange inclusion here. But India is a lot about money. And it is not just about corruption. At least in Mumbai everyone wants to do business. I don’t know what kind of business that all of them are into, but they all seem extremely eager to do these business things. And very often do you need to pay in cash.

Why did I write this blog post just now? Well, BookMyShow just sent me an invitation to Glamourizing cricket with Celebrity Cricket League! Can there be anything more Indian than that? The people from the film industry meet the cricket players. I’m sure they will all have chai during the match. And off course it will cost. Cash!


Talk to you soon



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