Talking about IT outsourcing at Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I was invited to do a presentation about IT outsourcing at the Norway India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NICCI). First of all I must very much thank Mr. Trond Skundberg who invited me to do this speech with him. I must also thank Madhukar Rohatgi and Lars Børre Hasle at NICCI for putting this together. Trond is an India veteran with more than 10 years experience from the country so he had a lot of interesting thoughts to share regarding that.

On my part, I mostly talked about culture, and the importance of understanding the people you work with when you work across cultures. This is a topic I have talked about a number of times before. The more I talk about it the more interesting the topic is. Luckily there were a number of people in the crowd who have a lot of experience by working in both India and Norway. This made the discussion really good and I could also learn quite a lot from it. Thanks a lot to all of you who contributed!

You can see the whole presentation here

NICCI presentasjon

Talk to you soon



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