My Indian passport!

Hi Everyone

Today I came home from another fantastic nice trip to India! In one hectic week I have been in Mumbai, Goa, Mysore and Pune. More about that in upcoming blog posts. When I checked my post box I got a big surprise. It was an Indian passport there! With my name on it. Ok well, I have been in India a number of times in the last few years, but never applied for an Indian passport. Maybe this is some new Indian bureaucracy rule? If you have been in the country more than x number of days over the last few years you are granted a passport. Is it like that? Any suggestions would be very welcome. It was surely a nice end to the trip and a good start for the next month.


Talk to you soon



3 thoughts on “My Indian passport!

  1. Buddy please check it with indian official whether its original and valid or not and how did you get it without applying for it . because as far as i know you have to apply for it .. just to be safe … verify with authorities again.


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