This blog is about my life as a Norwegian “expat” in India. For more than two years I worked and lived in India. During my stay there I tried to learn as much as possible about my new “home country”. Right now I’m back in Norway. But this does not mean that I’m not interested in India anymore! Rather the opposite. I will try to keep this blog alive for as long as possible, which bascially means for as long as there is something to write about India. Who knows, maybe some day I will return back to India?

Indian dress

Everything in this blog is based on my own experiences as a Norwegian in India. It is not the official view of Capgemini, but my own view. I do blog about what I see, and do not try to offend anyone.

All mistakes here are made by me.

Karsten Eskelund

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Karsten
    I came across your blog while researching for an article about expat blogs and have really enjoyed reading your entries about Mumbai life (crocodiles?! I had no idea!). I would love to talk to you about it for the article. I’m a British journalist working for Times of India in Mumbai. Please get in touch if you’re happy to talk some time.
    With best wishes,

  2. Intressant. Jeg var født og oppvekst i Sør Mumbai (Charni Road). Nærheten av Wankhede.
    Jeg besøker jo Mumbai nesten hvert år! Nå bor jeg i Midt Norge somenYogi i Norway.
    Enjoy, experience and enlighetnm yourself Karsten! Bombay is the city of dreams.

  3. Hei Karsten

    Dette var spennende lesing. Jeg flytter til Mumbai etter sommeren, og her finner jeg mye informasjon som sikkert kommer til nytte i min expat tilværelse. Kanskje vi ses i India 🙂

    Hilsen Kathrine

    • Hei Kathrine

      Hyggelig at det jeg skriver er til nytte for andre. Bare rop ut hvis det er noe du lurer på. Jeg begynner å bli brukbart kjent i Mumbai, og er gjerne til hjelp.


  4. Hei Karstein,
    Så bra side du har – masse god informasjon.
    Vi planlegger å flytte til Mombai til våren, så jeg er aktiv søker på jobb som teknisk inspektør innen shipping.. (6år erfaring)
    Lurer på om du vet om noen gode internasjonal skoler for en 13 åring??

    Are Skaanevik

  5. Hi Karstein,

    I’ve read all your posts and they are all enjoyable to read. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  6. Very interesting blog. As a journalist I have covered about India a lot, and, as you say, while India is considered as ‘difficult’, opportunities do not come without challenges. The Indian government itself is more interested in its trade with major countries such as the US, Britain, Germany, the EU (as a bloc), Japan and even China while the interest in countries such as Canada (where I live now), Norway is less, but there are opportunities for small players with niche products. This is not about multi billion dollar deals but often deals in multimillions but they do bring lots of business for specialized companies.

  7. Hi Karsten,

    Interesting to read your blogs.Hopefully will be able to contribute with some
    constructive comments in future.



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