Angry brides

Hi everyone

This post is based on an article I read in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten while I was back there last week. Unfortunately I have not found the article on-line, so I cannot provide a link to it.

The article is about a game called Angry Brides that you can play on Facebook. As you can understand from the title, the game is very much inspired by the very popular game Angry Birds. In this game you are a potential bride who has three suitors. The problem is that all of them require dowry. You are armed with shoes, tomatoes and frying pans and your task is to throw this at your suitors! Every time you hit them the dowry decreases.

Why such a game you might ask? Well, probably because dowry is still a huge problem in India. It has been illegal since 1961, but is still common. As the wealth have increased in the country the value asked for have also increased. This makes a huge problem for families who are not able to pay. In 2010 there were officially 8391 cases there girls were killed due to disagreements over the dowry. Off course I have no access to the unofficial figures, but can only guess that they are much higher.

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