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The IPL season (6th edition) is now well underway. Most of the teams have now played a handful of their initial matches. IPL is said to be the most money rich cricket league. I must admit that I have no idea about the finance of different cricket leagues all over the world. But what I know is that one of the teams in IPL has been recognized as a global sports brand.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has been the most successful team on the pitch in the first five seasons, with two victories and even one more appearance in the final. This team has done a lot to differentiate it from the other teams, and to build a brand. They are the only team playing in yellow, while so many other teams play in some way of blue. CSK has also managed to be a team for the whole region and for all Tamils living abroad. Their team song “Whistle Podu” has been extremely popular and fans from all over the world join into performing it, like these people in San Francisco.

One challenge in running an IPL team is that the season is only for a month and a half. CSK have taken a number of initiatives in order to be a brand for the whole year. In addition to host a number of cricket tournaments in Tamil Nadu they also plan to send the team to play matches in North America and Dubai (why not Norway?) where many Indians live.

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CSK are also doing promotion activities for other sports like chess, snooker, tennis and badminton. All of this to build an even bigger brand. With the upcoming chess world championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand to be played in Chennai later this year it is another opportunity for CSK and Chennai to show up as a sports city and to even further build their brand.
As a follower of some of the staff and players of CSK on Twitter it is fantastic nice to see all the updates they come up with quite regularly. Not strange that CSK is the most in IPL in social media!

I remember some years back when the marketing director of Matchester United was on a trip to the Amazonas. There he watched a local kid wearing a cap from the American baseball team San Francisco 49’ers. This was when he decided that his football team should be the biggest brand value in the world of sport. And we have to admit that they have succeeded. What Chennai Super Kings do now is some of the same.

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Tax for expats

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A week back or so, I came across this article on Facebook regarding tax for expats. I then went through my old blog posts and some notes I have written and checked if I have any relevant information regarding tax in India. I have only written one post about why people don’t pay tax.

The first thing I can say about tax is that it is a hazel to pay tax to two different countries! In my case I was employed by an Indian company and try to officially move from Norway to India in order to pay tax only to India. The Norwegian tax authorities refused that. In Norway we pay quite high tax and there are strict requirements for a Norwegian to be considered to live in a different country. The tax authority claimed that as long as I still own a flat in Norway and don’t own any property I still live in Norway. At the point of time when this was decided, I didn’t knew that I would be in India for two years and quickly gave up to “fight” with the Norwegian tax authorities.

So I quickly decided that trying to obey with Indian tax regulations was the best thing to do. But even this noble idea was off course a bit troublesome. In order to pay tax in India you first have to have something called a PAN-card. As I was a foreigner, no one in Indian HR realized that I needed this. But after a number of e-mails and confusion this actually got sorted out quite easily. And honestly, I think that the tax payment as such went quite smooth. Every month I got deducted some money from my salary. I don’t really have any idea what is the correct tax percentage in India, so I just hoped that Capgemini deducted whatever was the correct amount. At the end of the tax year I had to fill some information on-line. Capgemini has chosen Aon Hewitt as their partner. And if it wasn’t for the fact that Aon in the sponsor of Matchester United, I think I could have liked the portal. But now I don’t. As long as you have all the documents that are needed and no special deductions that should be claimed, it isn’t actually that difficult to fill this.

I was suggested to use some agent to fill this for me. And mind you, India is a place where it is common to use servants and get help to everything from driving your car to getting food delivered on your doorstep. But the price that was suggested for my tax advisors was just completely out of this world! It honestly sound like some kind of scam that someone had put up, so I decided not to use it at all.

One other thing that makes taxation in two countries difficult is the fact that Norway and India have different tax years.  In my Norwegian taxation papers I have to fill how much income and tax I paid to India last year. But because a year is different in Norway and in India this things get unnecessarily complicated.

My advice if you are moving to India is to check out a lot up front about what rules that apply for you. Indian tax government is one good place. Your own company should be a different one. Hopefully they can advice you on what is best for you to do.

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