Prediction Punjab XI vs CSK

Disclaimar: All information in this blog post is taken from public available sources. I have no inside information into any IPL-team. Use it as you feel for. If you lose money because you have placed some bets based on this I’m not liable for that. If you win some I’m happy to be mentioned and feel free to donate some of the mone to a NGO like
Nanhi Kali

Yesterday I predicted quite well the outcome of the match between Delhi and Mumbai, so I thought I should put my head up and try to do the same for todays match.

In their first match, none of the CSK batsmen (or batting wallahs) as we say in my part of Norway did quite well. This has to change if CSK plan to retain the title. Still I have some doubt about their openers. Neither Vijay nor Hussey look that comfortable. So the first prediction is that if CSK bat first, Suresh Raina will be their leading scorer today.

Albie Morkel just came to India after having played domestic cricket in South Africa. He’s been an important part of the CSK-team for the last few years. But landing in India just yesterday make him a bit short for this match. My prediction is that he will not play today. But I do think it will be brother against brother as both the Husseys will play.

When it comes to the Punjab team I must admit that I don’t know too much about them. When I look at their line-up I find their bowling attack quite weak. So my third prediction is that they will not manage to bowl out CSK today. But one of my colleagues is from Punjab so I should maybe be a bit carefull with what I say about their team…

So this is my predictions for today. If I will be right or not we will see in some hours time. Enjoy the match!

Talk to you soon,